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Maryland Inclusive Housing Corporation’s (MIH) mission is to help people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) successfully access and maintain inclusive, affordable, and accessible housing of their choice by creating opportunities, identifying resources, connecting people, and providing services.

People with IDD want to live in their own homes, and they want to have a say in who they live with and where they live. Separating housing ownership/control from residential and support services is a stated goal of the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

This movement of services away from provider owned and operated group homes to supported living arrangements in which the individual owns or rents his or her own home is motivated by two major forces in the IDD field of services. The philosophy of self-determination advocates for individuals and their families to have more control over their lives—and this includes housing. 

The second force is the changing policy of Medicaid. Medicaid has recently published settings standards, which advocates for individuals to receive services in settings which do not isolate the individual from the larger society, although group homes are still allowed under these rules, it encourages the movement toward supported living. The second change at Medicaid is the unbundling of services, and with that unbundling comes a clarification that Medicaid does not pay for the cost of housing.

If service provider owned or rented group homes are not viable housing options for the future, what are affordable and accessible housing options for people with IDD? This is the problem that MIH proposes to solve.

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Housing Case Management

MIH partners with other agencies that offer Housing Support Services by providing training and professional networking.


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MIH partners with agencies that provide all types of Residential Services, Community Support Services (CCS) and Housing Support Services (HSS).


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MIH advocates for additional affordable and accessible housing for adults with developmental disabilities.

Important information to Know

Affordable and accessible housing resources,  DDA & Medicaid policy, and examples of innovative housing arrangements in Maryland

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Latest News

MIH Statement on White House Housing Supply Action Plan

The White House recently released a Housing Supply Action Plan with both legislative and administrative actions to help close the housing supply gap in five years.

“Maryland Inclusive Housing supports the plan put forth by President Biden and the White House,” said MIH Executive Director Tim Wiens. “We anticipate the plan being extremely beneficial to Marylanders with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as their families. We look forward to the plan easing the burden of housing costs is to boost the supply of quality housing for them.” To view the full White House statement, click here.

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Webinar Details

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Closed captioning will be available during the webinars. For reasonable accommodations, please call (202) 435-9336, (855) 233-0362, (202) 435-9742 (TTY), or email CFPB_ReasonableAccommodations@cfpb.gov prior to the webinar.

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