Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home

The journey to independent living can be a complicated one. Housing Support Services through the DDA waivers are available to help you understand your options and find the information you need every step of the way.

When Am I Ready?

Readiness is an individual decision. Some people are ready to live on their own when they are in their 20’s and some feel ready when they are much older. Whatever your situation, it’s important to think about the lifestyle that fits you best.

Should I Rent or Own?

Not sure whether you should rent or own? Click the button below to learn more about renting and owning to help you decide which is right for you.

Important Information When You’re Ready:

Renting / Learning About Renting a Home

If you have never rented a home, there will be many things to learn about before deciding whether or not renting is the best option for you.
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Housing Advocacy

Owning a Home

Homeownership can have many advantages for a person with a disability.  A home you or someone else owns on your behalf can…
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Services in Your New Home

It’s important to think about how your service needs may change when you are living in your own home. Your family or the staff at your group home may have helped you with many activities of daily living and now you will need to make a plan for how your needs will be addressed in your new place.


If you use a wheelchair, walker, cane or have other problems with using steps, home accessibility is important to you. The federal government sets standards for some accessible housing programs. While these programs generally meet the needs of most people, your own accessibility needs may be different

Laws that protect you

There are several federal laws and Maryland state laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities in housing. The laws with widest application include the Fair Housing Act and the Maryland Fair Housing Law.

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