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MIH will provide Housing Information and Assistance Services, Housing Transition Services, and Housing Tenancy Sustaining Services. These services will connect individuals to housing of their choice and help them develop a plan to sustain it. Plans are customized to every individual’s needs and desires. Individuals may not need each service listed and may choose which of the available services will best support them.

Applying For Housing

The CLC will meet with an individual, their Coordinator of Community Services (CCS), and other individuals they designate to their team. We will collaboratively develop an Individualized Housing Plan and choose services to meet the individual’s needs. This plan can be updated as needed and will fit in with the Person Centered Plan developed by the CCS. As part of your housing plan, we will identify which services you need once you have transitioned to independent housing and will be available to assist should any issues arise.

The CLC will provide assistance with:

  1. Completing applications for rental subsidies and rental units.
  2. Obtaining documentation necessary to secure housing such as state identification, birth certificate, Social Security card, and income and benefit information.
  3. Identifying resources for security deposits, moving costs, furnishings, assistive technology, environmental modifications, utilities, and other one-time costs.

MIH Housing Support Services (HSS) Team

Lauren Silverstone is MIH’s Director of Housing Support Services and provides services to individuals primarily in Montgomery County, as the program continues to grow. Lauren is the primary point of contact for the HSS team.  

Valerie Crosby, Sarah Hochbaum, Tierra Medley are MIH’s Community Living Coordinators (CLCs). They are available to help you identify and apply for affordable and accessible housing, develop a transition plan, and discover the specific services that are tailored to your individual needs. Our CLCs will only assist individuals to access housing that is integrated and meets the CMS settings standards and outcomes.

If you’d like to contact any member of the team, please use the information below:

Lauren Silverstone:;
301.242.9627 x3

Valerie Crosby:;
301.242.9627 x5

Sarah Hochbaum:;
301.242.9627 x6

Tierra Medley:;
301.242.9627 x4

Apply for Services


Housing Information and Assistance Services assist individuals to obtain and retain independent housing.

The CLC will assist individuals with:

  1. Housing programs’ rules and requirements and their applicability to the participant.
  2. Searching for housing.
  3. Housing application processes.
  4. Assessing the living environment to determine it meets accessibility needs, is safe, and ready for move-in.
  5. Requesting reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Fair Housing Act to support a person with a disability equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling unit, including public and common use areas.
  6. Identifying resources for one-time costs.
  7. Reviewing the lease and other documents, including property rules, prior to signing.
  8. Developing, reviewing and revising a monthly budget, including a rent and utility payment plan.
  9. Identifying and addressing housing challenges such as credit and rental history, criminal background, and behaviors.
  10. Assistance with resolving disputes.

Housing Transition Services entail assessing housing needs and developing an individualized housing support plan. The CLC will:

  1. Conduct a tenant screening and housing assessment including but not limited to collecting information on potential housing barriers and identification of potential housing retention challenges.
  2. Develop an individualized housing support plan that is incorporated in the participant’s Person Centered Plan and that includes but is not limited to: (a) Short and long-term goals; (b) Strategies to address identified barriers including prevention and early intervention services when housing is jeopardized; and (c) Natural supports, resources, community providers, and services to support goals and strategies.


Housing Tenancy Sustaining Services assist individuals to maintain living in their rented or leased homes. The CLC will provide:

  1. Education and training on the role, rights and responsibilities of the tenant and landlord; how to be a good tenant; and lease compliance.
  2. Coaching to develop and maintain key relationships with landlord/property manager and neighbors.
  3. Assistance with housing recertification processes.
  4. Early identification and intervention for behaviors that jeopardize tenancy.
  5. Assistance with resolving disputes with landlords and/or neighbors
  6. Advocacy and linkage with community resources to prevent eviction; and
  7. Coordinating with the individual to review, update and modify the housing support plan.
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