Thank you for choosing Maryland Inclusive Housing (MIH) as your Housing Support Services (HSS) vendor. We look forward to assisting you to reach your housing goals! Please see our Self-Directed Service Guide for details on our Self-Directed Service process.


For questions regarding your invoice, please contact Terri Bradford at
For questions regarding your services, please contact Lauren Silverstone by phone at 301 242-9627 ext. 3 or by email at

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

What is billable?
Services outlined in the waiver definition which includes phone calls, onsite meetings, virtual meetings, emails, and completing documents and applications on behalf of an individual.

How often will I be invoiced?
Invoices are emailed monthly.
Invoices requiring a signature will be emailed to the individual or their designated representative via Docusign.

How are my invoices submitted for payment?
For individuals with Support Brokers, the Support Broker will assist the individual to submit the invoice to their Financial Management and Counseling Service (FMSC).
For individuals without Support Brokers, the individual will submit the invoice to their FMSC.

What increments do you bill in?
HSS is billed in 15-minute increments.

What is your rate?
We bill at the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s (DDA) regionally enhanced rate for HSS.
This rate and amount of HSS hours are agreed upon during your Person-Centered Planning (PCP) meeting.
Upon PCP renewal, this rate will be adjusted to match DDA fiscal year rate changes.

Outstanding Invoices

Invoices are payable on receipt.  Reminder emails will be sent regarding outstanding invoices.

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