Housing Advocacy

MIH advocates for additional affordable and accessible housing for adults with developmental disabilities


The MIH Board and Executive Director will attempt to influence funding and legislation to enhance funding and access to affordable and accessible housing for adults with developmental disabilities. These activities might involve testifying before elected officials, speaking to elected officials, or providing other information and resources to educate them about the benefits and impact of affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities. It would not include any activities related to political campaigns, taking positions in elections, or endorsing officials for election.

In Baltimore City, MIH is working with the Baltimore City Inclusionary Housing Committee to pass a bill (22-0195) that would require at least 10% of units in many apartment buildings to be set aside for affordable housing and put extra requirements on apartments that get tax subsidies.

MIH is also currently working with the Howard County Affordable Housing Coalition (HCHAC) to achieve community understanding, policy making and regulatory decisions that will lead to an increase in and equitable access to Howard County affordable housing.

In July of 2022, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball introduced and investment of $5 million to create the Howard County Housing Opportunities Trust Fund. The transformational fund, the first of its kind in Howard County, will be administered by the county Department of Housing and Community Development and will be used to assist first-time home buyers; develop, preserve, and rehab affordable housing in Howard County; and increase affordability for low-income households. MIH and its Howard County Housing Committee were integral in urging the Howard County Council and County Executive Ball to make this investment.

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