Lauren Silverstone Promoted to MIH Director of Housing Support Services

MIH Executive Director Tim Wiens has announced the promotion of Lauren Silverstone to Director of Housing Support Services (HSS), effective immediately. Silverstone served as MIH’s first Community Living Coordinator (CLC), providing Housing Support Services for the past two years.   

Silverstone has helped MIH grow this HSS program to now include the hiring of two additional full-time CLC employees, Tierra Medley and Sarah Hochbaum, who she will supervise in her new role. She will continue to provide housing support services to individuals primarily in Montgomery County, as the program continues to grow.  

In 2022, Silverstone was instrumental in helping MIH provide housing support services to more than 100 Marylanders with intellectual or other developmental disabilities; ten of which, were successfully helped access and maintain inclusive, affordable and accessible housing.  

“I am excited for Lauren to move into this new position and provide leadership for MIH,” said Wiens. “This promotion will enhance our statewide effort to increase HSS provider rates and define and measure Quality Assurance outcomes for HSS. She will continue to provide training, networking and support for HSS workers throughout Maryland. Her work as a community living coordinator has helped MIH make a difference for Marylanders with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” 

“It is an honor to transition into this new role,” said Silverstone “I am eager to enhance my leadership skills, strengthen connections with HSS providers and help educate the community about affordable housing options and voucher processes. I endeavor to support the housing team in achieving our mission of connecting individuals with housing of their choice and further expanding our services statewide.” 

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