MIH Offers Thoughts on Moore-Miller Transition Report

On March 23, the team responsible for Maryland Gov. Wes Moore and Lieutenant Gov. Aruna Miller’s transition released a comprehensive report with policy recommendations that is intended to guide the administration as it transforms the state.   

“MIH is pleased with the recommendations of the Moore-Miller Transition Report as they relate to affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities,” said MIH Executive Director Tim Wiens. “Our organization is especially delighted to be named in the report as one of the agencies the Governor’s office should partner with in this work.”    

Below are excerpts from the “Housing and Unlocking Opportunities Sections” of the report as they pertain to MIH: 

Housing Section.   

  1. Expand affordable housing opportunities for seniors, persons with disabilities, and persons experiencing homelessness.  Page 82
  • Use the QAP to further incentivize developers to provide additional accessible units for seniors and persons with disabilities through the use of optional incentive points.  Page 82. 

Unlocking Opportunities Section 

  1. Build a more inclusive Maryland for people with disabilities. Investing in inclusive, accessible housing, improving and expanding transportation options, and increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities will help promote economic mobility for all Marylanders, including people with disabilities. To address the disproportionately high unemployment rates for people with disabilities, the state should be a model employer and increase individualized, competitive, integrated employment. To better support people with disabilities, the Governor’s office should partner with the Departments of Disabilities, Housing and Community Development, the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Division of Rehabilitation Services, the Maryland Inclusive Housing Corporation, community organizations and providers, businesses, people with disabilities, and other key stakeholders.
  • Fund more inclusive, accessible housing and home modifications. 
  • Work with the Maryland Department of Housing and local partners to address the lack of inclusive, affordable, accessible housing. Recommended long-term actions:
  • Invest in housing along with services and supports that people need to live and thrive in their communities. Page 136
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