MIH Supports Federal Partnership Accelerator Program

On Feb. 9, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore announced the state’s participation in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Housing and Services’ Partnership Accelerator. The program promotes interagency efforts to expand support for Medicaid-eligible Marylanders with disabilities and older adults who are at risk of or who are already experiencing homelessness. Seven other states and Washington, D.C. will also be participating in this project, put forth by the Biden-Harris administration.

Maryland Inclusive Housing has agreed to be an active partner in this initiative.

“The Housing Support Services (HSS) that MIH provides fit in perfectly into this Partnership Accelerator,” said MIH Executive Director Tim Wiens. “The project encompasses many aspects to what our mission is to help people access and maintain inclusive, affordable and accessible housing of their choice already provides. We look forward to working with Gov. Moore, the Biden Harris Administration and countless others in this initiative.”

The Partnership Accelerator will provide technical assistance through education and one-on-one coaching from nationally-recognized experts to bring together teams from the Maryland Department of Health, Maryland Department of Disabilities, Maryland Department of Aging and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to address common issues surrounding housing. Participants will review and determine best practices for payment models, rate-setting and methods for data integration.

“This exciting announcement continues the Moore-Miller’s Administration’s commitment to making government work better for the people,” said Gov. Moore. “This program will strengthen cooperation between four state agencies so we can lift up our fellow Marylanders. We thank our federal partners for this recognition and will continue to work together to leave no one behind.”

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