Thank you, Sharonda!

MIH’s Director of Housing Sharonda Huffman will be leaving the organization and starting her position as the ADA/504 Manager at the Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission at the end of August.   

Sharonda was integral in curating MIH’s established network of local housing committees in Baltimore City, Howard County and Montgomery County. She also established committees for the Eastern Shore and Prince George’s County. The committees serve the purpose of helping each of these regions and communities working towards MIH’s mission with potential housing partners. 

She also established several equity initiatives for MIH, appeared in various news outlets regarding affordable and inclusive housing in Baltimore City and served as a keynote speaker and presenter for the state library system, parents’ groups, practitioners and advocates. 

“Sharonda has been an important part of growing MIH and especially the work of our housing committees around the state, we will miss her greatly,” said MIH Executive Director Tim Wiens. 

“It has been a pleasure working for Maryland Inclusive Housing,” said Huffman. “This has been the greatest work experience of my career. MIH’s dedication to providing housing opportunities that foster dignity and respect for all individuals sets an inspiring example for others to follow. I look forward to continually partnering with the organization and will always view the people of MIH like family.” 

We wish Sharonda the best of luck in her new role and look forward to collaborating with her often in the future! 

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