Stephanie Terry

Has 35+ years as an expert Realtor, is also a Builder, Modular Home Specialist and
Project Manager in Maryland, DC and nearby areas. Ms. Terry provides
specialized professional, responsive and attentive real estate services, which
include Commercial, Residential, land acquisition, real estate consulting, coaching
and project management courses for fix & flip projects. As a staff member at the
Realinvestors Academy, Stephanie teaches The Rehab 4 Success Course, which
she created in 2009 and continues to develop the course as construction
elements evolve; including the application of processes that are environmentally
responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life cycle: from
planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and
demolition. Other interests are, Gourmet Cooking, Natural Health Alternatives,
horseback riding; Stephanie reads music and loves music genres from
Opera/Classical, Jazz, R&B and of course Hip-Hop.

Ms. Terry is a 10+ year veteran on the Board of Directors for Compass, Inc.,
serving as their Vice President. Compass supports individuals with intellectual,
physical and developmental disabilities; while establishing an additional base of
support, community and assistance for their families.
Stephanie is excited to be a board member with Maryland Inclusive Housing
Corporation and is very honored to help with the affordable home agenda.

Board Member

Rachel London

Board Secretary

Ande Kolp

Clarissa Mitchell

Joyce Sims

Interim Board Treasurer

Martha Egan

Stephanie Terry

Daphni Steffin

Allan Sheahen

Board President

Tracy Wright

Michael Ferron, J.D.

Chris Knoerlein

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